The most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine has allowed us to improve our appearance for many years, and as you know, young appearance is something that not only women, but also men aspire to. With the help of carefully selected treatments in aesthetic medicine, you can not only get rid of the first signs of skin aging in the form of wrinkles, but also remove unsightly scars, stretch marks and cellulite https://www.medicinepoland.pl/price-list.htm. However, what treatments are the most popular in aesthetic medicine clinics and what effects of their application can we expect?

Botulinum toxin

Our skin over the years begins to lose its firmness and elasticity, so the first wrinkles begin to appear in areas of our face such as the forehead, temples and nose. This problem is quite common, but you can fight it in a very effective way by opting for an aesthetic medicine procedure involving the injection of botox. But what is the said botox? Botulinum toxin used during the procedure is a preparation (also known as botulism), which, when placed under the skin, blocks nerve impulses that lead to muscle spasms. After the injection of this preparation, the wrinkles become shallower, however, when deciding to carry out this procedure, you should be aware that after a few months the problem has returned and the procedure will have to be repeated.

Platelet rich plasma

If for some reason it is not possible to remove wrinkles to remove wrinkles using botulinum toxin, it is worth considering platelet-rich plasma therapy, also known as vampire lifting. This treatment is recommended primarily for people who are allergic to substances found in wrinkle-filling preparations. Platelet-rich plasma is a completely natural preparation that is obtained from our blood. Its composition includes cells and growth factors that stimulate fibroblasts to produce new collagen. During the procedure, the collected blood is placed in a special centrifuge, with the help of which the said plasma is obtained, which is then introduced under the skin. The effects of the treatment persist for approx.6 months and during this time you do not need to perform any other procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Lifting threads

Lifting threads are another hit in aesthetic medicine, which is a great alternative to invasive face lifting. Thanks to these threads, you can quickly remove wrinkles, getting rid of sagging skin (this is the result of collagen and elastin loss from our skin). However, what is the procedure itself? During its implementation, special threads are introduced under the skin that help reduce wrinkles, thus improving both the appearance and condition of the skin. Immediately after the procedure, the skin may be slightly red, but within a few hours the problem should disappear completely.

Injection lipolysis

Inadequate diet, as well as a sedentary lifestyle are the main factors responsible for the growth of body fat in such areas of our body as the thighs, buttocks, arms and stomach. Of course, changing your lifestyle is the key to success, but the effect of a slim figure can be obtained a little faster by choosing injection lipolysis. The mentioned procedure involves the introduction of a special preparation under the skin that helps to dissolve fat tissue on the above-mentioned parts of our body.


Cold therapy has been used for many years to fight various ailments, however, it has also found some application in the fight for a beautiful appearance. Cryolipolysis is a fairly popular procedure with which you can effectively deal with excess fat located in particular on the thighs, stomach and sides. The procedure itself involves cooling body fat with a special device to cause its breakdown. During the procedure, a head is applied to a specific part of the body that cools adipose tissue to a certain temperature https://www.medicinepoland.pl/before-and-after-surgery-pictures.htm. The effects of the treatment are visible only after a few weeks and during this time it is important to remember to drink at least 2 liters of still mineral water each day, because only by hydrating the body will fat be gradually excreted without any harm to our health. Failure to comply with the above recommendations may result in the lack of visible effects of the procedure.


Another very serious problems of many women are stretch marks and cellulite, which, however, we can deal with, opting for the so-called carbosyntheraphy. This treatment involves subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide, which quickly helps improve the appearance of our skin. Shortly after the gas has been introduced by a specialist, it begins to spread evenly in the tissues, thus causing the blood vessels to expand. As a result, the cells oxygenate and nourish, and the hated orange peel and unsightly looking stretch marks stop us sleeping.