GPS tracking – on the road and how does it fly?


GPS vehicle tracking is becoming more and more popular. This technological solution does not apply only to large transport companies with a huge fleet of cars. Increasingly, small businesses are deciding to install an appropriate GPS system that will allow effective monitoring of company vehicles.


What is really GPS vehicle monitoring? What benefits does it guarantee to those who bet on it and will continue to use it?

What is GPS monitoring of the vehicle fleet?

The use of vehicle GPS monitoring requires investment in appropriate devices. To have access to accurate data, it is necessary to obtain a precise locator, which is equipped with a professional GPS modem. Cheap models, especially those from the Far East, will not usually guarantee accurate data, which significantly reduces their usability.
 GPS monitoring The relay (incl. Positioner), equipped with a radio, is mounted in the vehicle. This radio, using GPS technology, transmits and collects information regarding the position of the car. Of course, remember that collecting and transferring information about the position of the car is not his only task. In addition, it provides data on the speed at which the car moves, how many kilometers traveled. For companies, information on such events as, for example, the fuel level in the vehicle, stopping or restarting the engine are also important. All this data, collected by the relay, is sent to servers, where it is processed into information used by the ordering vehicle GPS monitoring service.
The above information clearly shows that GPS monitoring installed in vehicles is not only intended to check the current position of the car on the route. It is a useful tool for constant control over the work of drivers. It lets you be aware of the condition and fuel consumption of your vehicle. GPS monitoring in vehicles is also becoming an additional security measure against theft.


Advantages of using vehicle GPS monitoring

Equipping vehicles with GPS monitoring guarantees numerous advantages. The most important ones should be mentioned, which have a positive impact on the functioning of any company, regardless of its size.
More efficient logistics operations. There is no doubt that the use of GPS monitoring in the company fleet and skilful data analysis allows for much more efficient planning and implementation of logistics processes. Effective determination of orders to be carried out, planning optimal routes and faster response to interest in customer services. All this translates into higher company profit.


Ability to reduce costs due to the purchase of fuel. Another advantage that results from having a GPS vehicle monitoring system is the ability to reduce fuel costs for company vehicles. The system carefully monitors fuel consumption and generates data that will allow drivers to make changes. This can result in lower fuel costs.


Monitoring of drivers' work. By having GPS monitoring in company vehicles, you know where the employee is. Is he really absorbed in the work activities related to the employment relationship?


Facilitation for accounting. Professional GPS monitoring helps in keeping records of the vehicle mileage. After all, every ride in the company car is monitored and saved on the server. Accountants accounting for company vehicles receive ready information for use.


Location of the vehicle in case of theft. GPS monitoring allows you to track the position of the car in real time. Therefore, in the event of its theft, business owners can check where their car is on a regular basis.